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Services Tailored to Your Unique Situation

Whether you're new at your first job, you've just gotten engaged, or you're nearing retirement, you're at an exciting time in your life.

No matter what stage of life you are in, there are ways you can improve your overall financial situation and minimize financial stress. We will work together with you to create a plan that helps to improve your current financial situation and plans for your future goals, whatever they may be.

Services We Offer

Project-Based Financial Planning: This service is best suited for a one-time plan that is either comprehensive or addresses a specific need. The comprehensive plan is an integrated document setting out recommendations to achieve a set of goals based on the understanding of your unique current financial situation, and will assess areas like risk (insurance), debt management, retirement, estate planning, tax optimization, and investment portfolio. We can also help with a wide variety of specific objectives, such as buying a new home, saving for college, paying off debt, preparing for retirement, or even just providing peace of mind by checking if you are on the right track. The cost of this service will be based on an hourly rate, similar to the way other service provider professionals like CPAs, lawyers, or consultants bill their customers.

Investment Management (AUM): This service allows you to delegate the management of your portfolio to a team of professionals. We offer investment management through Garrett Portfolios, with professionally managed, globally-diversified, low-cost portfolio strategies. We will manage a portfolio selected for you based on your unique current situation and risk tolerance. Socially responsible portfolios are also available. The cost of this service will be based on a small fraction of your portfolio balance at a specific date, and includes periodic reviews.